The feminazis invented forced prostitution


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„Forced prostitution is a myth invented by the feminazis. A prostitute has so many contacts all around her (like with her customers). In a very short time the police could be informed of her situation and come to close down the brothel and arrest the pimp. Forced prostitution is about as realisitic as forced retail work at McDonalds.“

„That’s nonsense! It’s true some behave stupidly. But often enough the pimps threatend their families back home. With the africans you also got to factor in the voodoo curses.“

„The problem is money. Many of these condom-free hookers simply aren’t German hookers. They HAVE TO turn tricks, because they just can’t find no job (also caused by lack of language skills. Coercion doesn’t just come in the form of bruises and busted lips). Coercion comes in the form of abusing her distress situation (foreigner to the country she is in, no other way to make money, etc.). The Mercedeses and BMWs these gypsy pimps have don’t pay for themselves. And do you seriously think that any public offices gives a damn about ’some foreign hooker‘. Nobody cares. Certainly not the sex buyer, who just wanna keep punting for the cheapest price possible. And most punters are such beta-cucks and not alpha-men, who would do the right thing if it came down to it.“

Source: Unknown punter forum. 31.03.2018. Access date unknown.

AO Huren, Menschenhandel

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