„Ladies really keep their distance – you’re more likely to find a woman to take a dicking at a disco.“

Colosseum, Augsburg, 2018

Colosseum Augsburg

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„Ice-cold atmosphere, the pool water is really fucking cold. Some of the ladies really keep their distance, as though they’re waiting for a prince. You’re more likely to find [a woman] to take a dicking* at a disco.“

*the German word used to describe intercourse here can be more accurately translated to „stabbing“ as in „stabbing/penetrating“ a woman with a penis

The (former) owners of the Colosseum brothel have been associated with organized criminals and faced a court over accusations of human trafficking, drug dealing, money laundering, bribery and blackmail. At least one 19-year-old human trafficking victim from Romania was identified to have been exploited inside the Colosseum.

Source: Google Maps. Accessed June 24th, 2018.

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