„My first visit to the ladies was at the tender age of 16.“

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Answering the question as to how many prostituted women he bought access to in his lifetime:

„My first visit to the ladies was at the tender age of 16. I’m now 51 and never gave up on this great hobby in the mean time. At the beginning I didn’t go that often, but there were times when I was doing it 6-8 times per week (lunch breaks aren’t only meant for eating).

Four years ago I added up all that I’ve forked* up to this point. A broad grin spread across my face [and stayed there] – I had already went past the 1000th mark at that point. With about 30-40 women per year I’m heading for 1200.

As long as I can afford it (and I’m earning quite a bit of money – 100k+ per year after deductions) I’ll keep on visiting the ladies. Then when I’m chilling in the nursing home I’ll hopefully still have my wits together and reminisce about all those hot dates.“

*German term is more closely translated as „impale“ as in „impaling/penetrating a vagina with a penis“

Source: Lusthaus Forum („Lusthouse Forum“). Accessed May 15th, 2018.

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