„Quick numbers with stressed out tired women.“

Bordell Treff 188, Eschborn near Frankfurt, 2017


Bordell Treff 188 Eschborn-Frankfurt a

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„The positive part of my takeaway:

  • nice bosslady
  • pretty cheap drinks
  • good music

the negative part:

  • not one photo from the website matches up with the women there, if it ever did it was several years and pregnancies ago
  • no sign of any nice girls, didn’t meet one who didn’t seem stressed out and like she was under pressure
  • despite the continuesly promised relaxation without any rushing there’s really a 20 minute limit plus you only get to take one woman to a room at a time despite what you read on the FAQs [on the brothel website]
  • despite the diversity of acts advertised no one offers anal or me urinating on her body or anything else that goes beyond standard requests
  • once you’re in the room with one of the women instead of getting down to business and creating a beautiful memory, they seem to think that you’re their shoulder to cry on, so they blabber on about the bosslady and the bad working conditions as though I care about that as the customer
  • in fact only one of the 5 women there was prepared to give me a blow job without a condom in the bar area. everyone else immidietly wanted to go to a private room and refused to shower or use the sauna or somehow relax together
  • the worst thing for me besides the stressed-out women was the impossible men-to-women ratio (I counted 5 women and about 20 men, but since I didn’t peek into every room, it could have been more). the fact that the women were pretty rude and work according to a „get it done as fast as possible“ work ethic

Overall impression:

For people like me who seek a relaxed day without any rushed numbers or stressed-out sleep-deprived women this is not the place to go. Those who like cheap drinks and want the job done quickly and don’t mind waiting for bout half an hour until one of the woman is avilable this is the right place for you.

Despite having paid for  day-ticket, I left the place after three hours pretty dissapointed and angry, despite not having used up my drink deposit*.“

*many brothels ask for payment upfront, well aware that it’s difficult to get a buyer to pay, if he’s unhappy after „the service has been provided“.

Source: Google Maps. Accessed June 14th, 2018.

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