„Shot my load into her mouth, which she reacted to by running away.“

Ungewollte Ejakulation in Mund AO Forum

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„I visited an all-inclusive club some time ago. At first I thought it was awesome to sit on the couch between all those barely clothed women, hard-core porn displayed on the wall, my trousers sure quickly feeling tighter. So I picked the very first one who approached me with „[you want to] fuck now?“, to go into a private room*. I warned her right away that I hadn’t cum in a week and that I’d be ready to spray my load after some dick sucking pretty quickly. She smiled, nodded and went right ahead without putting on a condom, taking my todger in her mouth. She did pretty well and the view of her fat tits topped it all off so I unloaded, shot my load into her mouth, which she reacted to by running away and cursing in Romanian. So I kneeled down on the bed, my cock still pulsating, the door to the bar area open, everyone staring at me like I did something wrong and what horrible thing I might have done to the poor girl.

From then on forth the ladies ignored me and the other „customers“ gave me puzzled looks. I paid for the whole day, but left after 2 hours. Never got any cash back of course, supposedly because I behaved „inappropriately“. What can I say, would be great if the bulrom** brigade learned our language. The hooker certainly didn’t understand my warning. And I misunderstood her, thinking I could easily cum in her mouth. Though seriously I’m the last one to disrespect the rules.“

*the term used for the room is more closely translated as „performance“ or „execution“ room. The term used describes the mechanical completion of an act.

*“bulrom“ refers to women from Bulgaria and Romania, two of the poorest countries of Europe. A large number of women prostituted in Germany come from the poor communities of these Eastern European states – so many that a variety of specific terms have been established by buyers to refer to them.

The sex buyers profile picture shows a close-up of a man’s penis penetrating a woman doggy-style.

Source: AO Huren Forum („Whores Without Boundaries Forum“). Accessed May 15th, 2018.

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