We’re a bunch of assholes


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„It’s not like I don’t give a shit about the experiences described [by women] such as Huschke Mau. There are enough books out there telling the same story. 80% of men are accurately described by this, if not 98%. Yes, we’re all a bunch of pigs – assholes – hungry creatures that gawk after every miniskirt – can’t be faithful – always want something new to consume. Yes, life is complicated and unjust. One day the sun will swallow the earth, then life will be over anyway. Maybe there’ll be an epidemic, a comet, a nuclear war, a heart attack or something else and then it’s all pointless anway. Until then it’s still quote nice to have a little fun in life. Sex for money with some girls is certainly real fun.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum („Lusthouse Forum“). Access date unknown.

wir sind alle arschlöcher

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