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„Terrible experience. I’ve been to a lot of place like this one around the world; some were great and some not. This was the worst of all. The girl, Kira*, had a horrible attitude. She complained about everything: You’re too close; don’t touch my leg; don’t pull out so far (she allows about 2 cm range of motion); don’t put your arm around me; etc. Nothing but rules and complaints.

After a few minutes of that I just gave up and decided to leave. I was fine just accepting my losses. But she wasn’t. She began to lecture me for the next five minutes about how I can’t expect her to do whatever I want (I did not want anything remotely unusual; just the standard service you get anywhere else). It was brutal and she wouldn’t stop. Even when I said she was right and it’s all my fault, just so I could leave, she still wouldn’t stop.

That lecture is the reason for this review. Without it, I would have just moved on, but lecturing me afterwards, even when I wasn’t angry or arguing and just wanted to leave, [that] was too much. I’m sure there are also nice girls working here (only three choices on this day and against my better judgement I did not leave), but I can’t excuse them for employing someone like Kira. For that reason, avoid Salon Pankow. If you go anyway, definitely avoid Kira at all costs. Even if she is the only one available, don’t make the same mistake I did. Go anywhere else.

Edit (added later): Also take note that the majority of the five star reviews come from the Salon themselves or from a girl who works there. I didn’t realize this until just now. I should have done a bit more research and gone elsewhere.“

*Name changed

Source: Google Maps. Accessed April 14th, 2018.

Salon Pankow Berlin 2017

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