„Could really learn some proper German and stop drinking so much.“

FKK Safari, Neu-Ulm, 2018

FKK Safari Neu Ulm 2018 HELLS ANGELS

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„A decent club in itself. I enjoyed being a guest there. But the way the boss lady treats the staff is inhumane. They get screamed at [by her] in front of the guests, even though they do a great job and the guests are satisfied. Should really be deal with quietly, certainly not in front [of the guests] and not using this tone. Has no place there. Her behaviour really makes for a bad vibe in the club. That woman is unbearable. As long as she’s there, I won’t be coming back. Everything else was alright, although the women could really learn some proper German and stop drinking so much. The oriental music gets on your nerves after a while and there wasn’t even a DJ present on the weekend.“

The owners of the FKK Safari are affiliated with organized criminals, who have been charged with human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault.

Source: Google Maps. Accessed April 14th, 2018.

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