Smile before, then don’t touch

FKK Oceans, Dusseldorf, 2017

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„I’m a guide for tourists and business men. It means, I’ve lots of experience about sauna/FKK clubs in Germany with my customers. This Oceans Club is the worst ever.

  1. Ambience: So so.
  2. Meal: Not bad, but be careful. There are only 2-3 meals for free. I ate a free meal (spaghetti). When I returned my chip-band, the receptionist asked me for an extra charge of 10 euros! I told her that I choose a free meal and she said ‚okay… got it… bye‘.
  3. The girls: All of the girls are from Romania and they always want money. They smile before getting into bed, then it’s all: ‚Don’t touch, don’t touch, don’t touch.‘ Looking at their watch all the time. That’s not only my experience, but the other guys has the same. So many guys shared and asked each other: ‚How was that girl?‘ My three clients were so angry.
  4. There are more guys than girls.
  5. Workers: Bad service… Do not expect a smile. Worst for business men! So many cheaters everywhere! Reception, girls and the restaurant.“

Source: Google Maps. Accessed June 14th, 2018.

FKK Oceans Düsseldorf


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