„Took some hard work to stretch the holes of this Polish kitten.“

Escort, Cologne, 2009

polenmaus Köln

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„Well, Nina* has a pretty face, arrived at the point in time for which I ordered her and since she’s new to the [escort agency name] and hasn’t been online long, she was on time… Her figure is barely acceptable – her bum is protruding, but still quite firm, sadly she’s got a fair amount of baby fat around her belly. This is only her 2nd day being booked, so of course she’s still quite cautious, if not inexperienced, anyway she tried to keep her thighs together as tightly as possible – how cute!!! 😀

Of course it took some hard work, to stretch the holes of this Polish kitten**! They were neatly tight upon entry… Because I ordered the kitten at quite a late hour (about 21.00), I could still push out some drops of foreign body juice from her little asshole. What actually drove me to write this review is the fact that the small chassis***-robust slut considered the job done after about 40 minutes (even though I had only spent about 15 minutes prodding her sphincter). But because it was late and the tasks of the coming days were awaiting me, I decided to leave it at that, positioned the ass-fuck-kitten on her side and pumped my cum into her tight hole after about 3 minutes of pounding… The little piggy didn’t go into the bathroom [to clean up] after that – so ‚enjoy‘ to my successor, who – as far as we all know the working hours of Nina – will certainly follow!“ 😀

*Name changed

**the German term used actually means „mouse“, but „kitten“ more adequately translates the infantilizing and sexualising tone of the word in this context

***buyer referring to his penis, comparing it to a machine

Source: Tabulos Forum („No Taboo Forum“). Access date unknown.

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