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„Poor kitten. I still know her from Lamour 47. She was always friendly. But since having read some reviews of her, I’ve never dared to do more than chat with her. As a former professional athlete I really get how she’s being dragged through the mud back in her home country now. I really feel sorry for her. That’s just how it is with those girls from Romania, Bulgaria, etc. … no money, no job, no idea what to do next. So they go right into the German brothels. If it goes bad, then there’s a ‚manager‘ in the background, blackmailing her by threatening to tell everyone back home how she earns her living.

Then her stay at the brothel gets an extension, even if maybe originally she was only hoping to make some pocket-money for a couple of months – now it’s her life-task. And all those bad ’service performances‘ can suddenly be viewed from an entirely new angle. It all makes sense, if you consider, that she might not want to be doing it. I’m very curious, if she’ll return, now that everyone knows. I wouldn’t be surprised, if it was a dissatisfied ‚manager‘ who published those erotic pictures of her as punishment. It’s not like you can identify her easily from those old photos, but as a team-vice-world-champion in gymnastics-crazy Romania, where you don’t easily become a super famous widely known superstar, I doubt the papers found those pictures from Germany by mere accident. They got nothing better to do.“

Note: The censored profile picture of this sex buyer depicts a well-known children’s film character (a little boy) penetrating his adult mother.

Source: Lusthaus Forum („Lusthouse Forum“). Accessed May 29th, 2018.

freier wissen genau über menschenhandel bescheid 7 Lusthaus Forum

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