„She gets the whole load pumped into her holes without ifs or buts.“

Reinspritzen AO Huren

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„Personally I hate it when I’m asked during a shag to pull out and cum outside. That’s why at this point I’m always negotiating upfront about whether I get to spray my cum inside or not. When the service provider isn’t prepared to let me cum into her holes, I turn right around and walk away. When the service provider tells me before, that I can do it, but then during the fucking decides that suddenly I can’t, she gets the whole load pumped into her without ifs or buts anyway! How do you guys deal with this?“

The profile picture of this sex buyers shows a woman whose lower arm is completely emerged into the vagina or anus of another woman.

Source: AO Huren Forum („Condom Free Whores Forum“). Accessed May 24th, 2018.

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