„I got the feeling that they are forced to work there.“

Colosseum, Augsburg, 2017

Collosseum Augsburg

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„[…] I’m primarily very disappointed by the women, because they don’t radiate the kind of welcoming aura which you get in other FKK clubs. From my personal perspective, I got the feeling that they are forced to work there and only open up to specific customers. Compared to other FKK clubs here you are the one who has to approach the women which irritated me a lot and maybe because they can refuse you, too. The whole thing with the women here is kinda weird. Impossible to evaluate the situation. […]“

The (former) owners of the Colosseum brothel have been associated with organized criminals and faced a court over accusations of human trafficking, drug dealing, money laundering, bribery and blackmail. At least one 19-year-old human trafficking victim from Romania was identified to have been exploited inside the Colosseum.

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