„During intercourse she keeps commenting: ‚Finish up already‘.“

Eros Center, Heidelberg, 2017

Eros Center Heidelberg 2017

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„Horrible… Production line work at its finest. I can’t speak to all the women there, but absolutely do not visit Amira* from Macedonia! She commands you to do this and that with complete lack of enthusiasm. For X euro you only get one position and a two-minute blowjob. During intercourse she keeps commenting: ‚Finish up already‘. That almost made me laugh, because she’s so brazen about it. At that point we had only just started. Her limit seems to be around the 10 minute mark and that for X damn euros. Friends, save your money and go to a proper brothel.“

*Name changed

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 15.05.2018.

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