„She whispered: ‚Use a rubber!‘ I whispered: ‚No‘.“


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„Recently ordered this lady for three hours to my hotel room: [Link censored]. Super hot visuals, got wet and horny and let’s you shag her with some resistance (she whispered: ‚Use a rubber!‘ I whispered: ‚No‘) with lots of passion and no protection. Originally she told me not to cum inside her (‚Please no sperm‘), but after she had whispered that it had already happened and she didn’t have a problem with it. The price was [price censored] I think, but on the grounds of her looks and the acceptance of unprotected sex that was alright, might do it again some time. Delivery went smoothly by the way!“

Source: AO Huren Forum. August 4th, 2006. Access date unknown.

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