„The women are very rude and lack enthusiasm.“

FKK Club Sudfass Oase, Munich, 2018

FKK Club Sudfass Oase München2indexZz Deutsch

„FKK Club Sudfass Oase: The three of us went there. The ambience is alright. Hygiene is okay, too. But the women are very rude and lack enthusiasm. We paid the entry fee, where we were told that there’d be 12 girls to choose from, but then there were only 6. The rest had gone to bed apparently. I can really recommend the FKK Relax in the Hoferstraße. If you’re prepared to visit such an establishment, then only go there. The Oase is just a big fat disappointment. We expected more. The ladies also look quite unnatural – depends on your taste, I guess. Nonetheless we’re certain: Even if there was no entry fee, we would never ever visit the Oase again.“

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed May 30th, 2018.


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