„Can no longer recommend the place: The girls don’t want sex.“

Lilien Girls, Wiesbaden, 2018

Lilien Girls, Wiesbaden, 2018

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„Since there was a change in ownership I can no longer recommend the place. The girls don’t want sex, they complain about tooth ache (which suddenly turn into jaw pain*), the madam gives out misleading or outright false information via telephone: 30 minutes only had 1 go, no condomless oral**, afterwards there was a rude reaction…“

*one chronic health problem prostituted women can develop is chronic jaw ache, which is a result from having to keep their mouth open while giving oral sex

**Any type of condomless sex has been illegal since June 2017 in order to protect prostituted persons from STDs

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed July 27th, 2018.


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