„I asked if I could lick her hairy snatch – for an extra 10 bucks I could.“

Apartment brothel, Rhineland-Palatinate, 2018

milf latina AO Forum.PNG

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„I got quite a bunch of stories to tell, but there was this bleach-blond Milf* Latina, quite proper, visually okay, did the job for me. I asked if I could lick her hairy snatch. Yeah, for an extra 10 bucks I could, so far so good. The lady, at least 85 kilo in weight, put her pussy on top of my mouth and sat down with her full weight on top of me. So my nose and mouth were blocked by the bear**. The problem was that the bear smelled like a the absolute worst kind of hobo-piss-gutter, with a biting stink of urine and a undefineable secretion in the mix. It was difficult to get that whale off of me, but after I did I jumped at the sink and flushed my mouth clean for minutes. Of course she was pissed and kicked me out. Afterwards I learned that the old gal let’s you fuck her rubberless and I think I caught some of my predecessors juices.“

*Milf = Mother I’d Like [to] Fuck, porn genre, objectification of middle-aged women

**bear here referring to an unshaven vulva

Source: AO Huren Forum. July 12th, 2018. Accessed July 27th, 2018.

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