„The ladies don’t want sex, they just want money.“

Paradise, Stuttgart, 2018

paradise stuttgart 2017 C

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„Simply garbage… doesn’t even deserve one star. 1. The ladies don’t want any sex, they just want your money. 2. The changing rooms stink. 3. The ladies are so aloof, they got zero respect. 4. Entry fee is way too expensive. 5. Whirlpool water isn’t clean! Where is the citizen state of Stuttgart!? They gotta take a look! Check this place!“

In 2016 a prostituted woman was stabbed to death by a long-term buyer in front of the Paradise brothel. Besides that the owners of the Paradise megabrothel-chain have been confirmed as affiliates of organized criminals and were sentenced for human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault.

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed July 29th, 2018.

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