Pimp chides woman so mercilessly

FKK Safari, Fellbach near Stuttgart, date unknown

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„[…] But then… at 19:30 a group of bulky men enters the club, surround the reception and suddenly the entire atmosphere changes. The women are nervous, keep shooting looks at the reception and fervently whispering amongst each other. A few jump up from their relaxed sitting positions and throw themselves at the guests, a slightly chubby woman directs a different (new?) one on how to behave and to approach a guest, then sits herself down in a corner and begins typing away on her smart-phone. Probably reporting on the current club earnings to the supervisor waiting at the reception. Nobody knows…

As soon as the men have taken up their space in the club room, the club personal scurry like never before, bringing drinks to their tables and suddenly the club is super ‚busy‘. We lean back and observe the interesting scene before us. Nice to observe which lady approaches which man to exchange a few words, quickly we’re seeing who belongs to which company or group. Essentially it mirrors to us who the group of women in the club are and how they relate to each other.

The men order big bottles of alcohol (not having to stand in line at the bar at all), the women are suddenly dancing on the pole and the music is switched up to an Eastern European playlist to please the new group of guests. The women are markedly nervous in their exaggerated busyness, eager to make a good impression and ideally to get a guest to take them to a private room, earnings, earnings, earnings.

When the group of men has emptied their bottles, each of them grabs a girl and takes her to a private room for personnel talks or that sort of thing. One of the guys publically chides one of the women so harshly and mercilessly that it makes you ashamed to be a man. We packed our things after 2 hours in the presence of these men and went home, after a normal evening at the club became clearly impossible. Too bad, Safari!

So far we’ve had these kinds of unpleasant experiences with this type of ‚managers‘ at the Paradise, but the Safari is no better. Surely those guys are everywhere, but as long as the customer isn’t confronted with it and the guys only come to get the women, waiting in their expensive cars in front of the club, it’s bearable. But when there is this much interference with the everyday dealings of the club, when the whole mood shifts and there is fear written on the faces of the women and then this whole nervous scurrying – that makes a relaxed day impossible and I really have no intention of taking a lady to a private room who is under the control of one these guys, only to know that any money I give her will ‚end up in the pocket of that Eastern European citizen at the tabel on the left side in the back‘. Thanks.

The management of the Safari is evidently not in a position to deny entry to the managers of the respective ladies, at least for as long as the obvious facts go unacknowledged and no one takes action. There are probably few direct control options over the pathway of the women’s income and one prefers to cater to the men sitting at the table, before they start taking their personnel and putting them to work some place else…

Too bad. Guess that means the next club evening will be some place familiar.“ 🙂

The owners of the FKK Safari are affiliated with organized criminals, who have been charged with human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault. In 2016 a prostituted woman was stabbed to death by a long-term buyer in front of the Paradise brothel. Besides that the owners of the Paradise megabrothel-chain have been confirmed as affiliates of organized criminals and were sentenced for human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault.

Source: Römer Forum. Date unknown. Access date unknown.


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