„Reporting trafficking will only get me into trouble with the law or pimps.“

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Do you find sex work to be important/valuable for society?

„But of course! Where else would a single guy satisfy his needs? Constantly resorting to YouPorn is no alternative [to sex].“ 😀

Would you help a sex worker who is in danger or being coerced?

„If she let me help her. But usually it goes like this: ‚Why do you have a bruise on your chin?‘ ‚Oh, but he loves me…‘ All that reporting to authorities will do is to get me into trouble with law enforcement, possibly the pimp and who knows whom else. So at best I’d be reporting to the receptionist lady and in the clubs which I visit I really trust the receptionist team, that the club is free of drugs, coerced prostitution or similar things.“

Source: Freiercafe. Date unknown. Accessed 09.06.2018.

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