„Terrible appearance, broken teeth, bad mood. Had zero interest in the service.“

Apartment brothel, Amberg, 2017

schlechte zähne

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„Stay way clear: Terrible appearance, broken teeth, bad service, bad mood, bad location… never gain. Went to see her in Amberg in August.. baah. Lied about her age, lied about her service. We agreed on things like kissing – well, with those teeth, thanks but no, and multiple orgasms. She had zero interest in providing the service. She seems to want her money in return for nothing. All she did was a sloppy handjob, done and goodbye. She seems to be around Amberg a lot, which means she’s got regular customers. Can really not recommend her to anyone. Chance of me visiting again, ahm… currently… zero percent. Can’t and won’t write more about this.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 16.11.2017. Accessed 20.07.2018.

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