„Showed no warmth, wouldn’t shake hands and didn’t even make eye contact.“

Das Fetisch Atelier, Bremen, 2017

Das Fetisch Atelier Bremen

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„Hardly any service for such a high sum of money. 😦 Should have been able to predict this from the interaction at the front door alone… The dominatrix, if you can even call her that, showed no warmth, wouldn’t shake hands and didn’t even make eye contact. After paying X euros for an hour and agreeing on desires and practices, I learned afterwards that some of the things I was seeking weren’t even available.

Then it all started out with practices which I hadn’t even agreed to. The whole session lacked enthusiasm and was executed lazily – nothing erotic or creative about it. I had to restate all my specific requests directly. I called an end to it before time was up because I just got too bored, it hurt too much and she just wasn’t showing any empathy – also her breath was pretty gross, which, after I had pointed out, she just commented on by flashing a mean smile. Didn’t get my money back of course. Upon leaving I could actually hear her laughing in the lounge room. It clearly takes more than misandry to be a good dominatrix.“

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 14.06.2018.

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