„Turned out to be totally arrogant and lacked all enthusiasm.“

Dolce Vita, Dusseldorf, 2016

Dolce Vita Düsseldorzf

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„So I wanted to party and money wasn’t a problem… The first one who came right at me, throws her arms around my neck. I’m telling you: The biggest mistake was going to a private room with her, that was one sick psycho-bitch, who get’s you from 200 to 20 in no time. Next I picked up to girls simultaneously and it started out decently enough, but then one of them turned out to be totally arrogant and lacked all enthusiasm [and then] the other turned out to be Iranian!!! She seriously asked me if I had showered or not, making various provocative comments like this, until I kicked her out of the room.

Just so you know: I had definitely showered and used deodorant as well… Next was a Romanian, who constantly tried to play for time using the usual kinds of tricks, getting drinks, toilet breaks, cigarette breaks… That was a real pattern there… After trying out six different women and wasting 4 hours I was so disappointed I decided to leave and drive all the way to Cologne for some decent clubs. Try it out yourself and really watch for that playing-for-time-scheme.“

2015 Dusseldorf police identified and rescued at least two victims of human trafficking inside the Dolce Vita, consequently arresting their traffickers.

Source: Google Maps. 2016. Accessed July 24th, 2018.

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