Buying trafficked women now illegal


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Citation: „Another bureaucratic mess: Link. It specifically states that the punter must have knowledge that a woman is forced, so in the rarest of cases will this lead to an actual conviction. I can’t imagine how they would prove he knew in a court of law.“

Reply: „This is the beginning and the entry path into getting us the Sex Buyer Law. The courts can easily construct criteria by which to assess a situation of forced prostitution. It was stated in the 2008 draft created by the CDU* that you can be held accountable for negligence, meaning a de facto reversal of the burden of truth. According to the agreement between the coalition members the current prostitution law will be assessed in three years’ time (so in the coming legislative period). It’s highly likely that they will tighten regulations further then.“

*Christian Democratic Union, most influental German party at the time of the post

Source: Römer Forum. 09.05.2015. Access date unknown.

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