„Dirty tricks and stupid. Now they get a bad reputation.“

Pure Platinum, Ulm, 2018

Pure Platinum Ulm 2018 HELLS ANGELS marcus von anhalt

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„Scam. Pay X euros for entry and add X euros for ‚dollars‘ to pay the girls. Girl asked you to buy a drink and she says ‚X‘ but means ‚X times 10‘! Spent X euros to be a nice guy and have half a beer. Dirty tricks and stupid. Now they get a bad reputation. Thanks Dumitra* or Dimatra whatever the hell your Romanian name was!“

*Name changed

The owners of the Pure Platinum are affiliated with organized criminals, who have been charged with human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault.

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed 14.06.2018.

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