Feminists – prudish conservatives or sluts?


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Citation: „As a consequence of the outlawing of prostitution in Sweden they reformed and strengthened their laws surrounding rape, which means that at this point they’re counting sexual harassment and coercion statistically as rape. Additionally, they have this mind-fuck concept of the ‚double-sided rape‘, which means that the woman consented to the sex, but changed her mind within 48 hours turning the experience into ‚rape‘, if for example during this time she finds out that the gorgeous ’single‘ who brought her to the point of ecstasy is in fact married and not interested in a repeat encounter. That’s one way to define ‚rape’… when a state is completely taken over by feminists of the worst kind…“

Reply: „Specific laws no matter who created and passed them just keep getting more and more ridiculous. These feminists are a fucking pain to the balls. 😡 So, removed from reality, those crones! Sometimes I’m thinking: Are they really this sickly prudishly conservative or maybe there are some of the biggest sluts hiding behind that facade. Don’t we know it that those who feign most upset, sometimes are actually those doing most of the sleeping around.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 26.07.2018. Accessed 18.11.2018.

Lusthaus scheiß feministinnen

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