„I wanted to fuck, so she reluctantly laid back.“

Eros Center, Neu-Ulm, 2007

Lusthaus Forum Eros Center Neu Ulm MORD

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„This time I went to see Olivia*, brunette, long straight hair, about 22-years-old, tanned body, probably German. She looked very friendly, so I was looking forward to a good fast number. She asked for a whopping X euros for me to lick her, so I decided to stick with the X euro number. As soon as the door closed behind us she began singing her song: 😡 ‚Do you really not have X euros, I’d really like for you to lick me. … Come on, don’t be like that…‘ I told her ’no‘ and that I wanted to start fucking. So she kneeled down next to me, but a rubber on and began to give me a keen handjob and she leaned forward, but it did not feel like she was actually sucking. 😡

She proceeded to ask me, if I’d come back later tonight, then she’d have a friend with her, if I liked, I should bring more money. It almost killed my boner right then and there, 😡 so I told her I wanted to fuck and she murmured ‚yeah yeah‘ and kept going with the handjob. So I got up and she evaded me and asked if I’d be finishing up soon. I repeated that I wanted to fuck, so she reluctantly laid back and took my stick in her hand again, so while I was trying to penetrate her, she worked so furiously with her hand, that I couldn’t get in. When I saw that there’d be no pleasant result this way, I ended the thing by shooting right into the empty rubber, 🙂 got dressed and wished her nice rip-off day.“

*Name changed

In 2007 a 31-year-old prostituted woman was murdered inside the Eros Center Neu-Ulm.

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2007. Accessed 15.06.2018.

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