Can’t reliably recognize human trafficking


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„I’m afraid there’s no surefire way [to recognize sex trafficking]. All there is are some (though weak) indicators:

  • Very young age (but how are you supposed to know…)
  • Noticable lack of enthusiasm during the job (but I get that a lot, too…)
  • Bad or no fluency in German (sadly very common)
  • Shyness, lack of emotions, visible disgust (that could just be me though…)
  • Signs of mistreatment (can’t see those a lot of the time)
  • Easily scared or showing fear
  • Constant control/monitoring by pimp
  • etc…

If I see several of these signs together I’m warned. But you can never be truly certain [that she’s not trafficked]…“

Source: Ladies Forum. 13.07.2017. Accessed 20.07.2018.

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