„She resisted a lot, but after the fourth date I had her where I wanted her.“

FKK Sakura, Böblingen, Date unknownfkk sakura ao forum2

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„Naomi* let’s you do her without a condom by the second date already. Naomi’s friend Janine* was pretty good, too. She initially resisted a lot, but after the fourth hourly date I had gotten her where I wanted her. There was a certain trust established and my promising to keep on dating her brought me to my end goal. Unfortunately she never returned from her Easter holiday. Well, whatever, the game just starts all over. Just hoping I bet my money on the right horse this time around, too. 😛 So guys, if you got any tips send me a ‚personal message‘!“

*Names changed

In 2010 a 15-year-old Romanian girl was sexually abused and exploited inside the FKK Sakura as well as three other legal brothels in the region.

Source: AO Huren Forum. Date unknown. Accessed 06.08.2018.

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