„We had sex and I could see it in her face that she was disgusted by me.“

Brothel, Hesse, 2018

Römerforum 2018 Hessen

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„After 8 years at the Word I’ve decided to share my experience at the place. So there’s Suzana* who I met three months ago for the first time on a Sunday night. As usual I arrived at the Word at 10 pm, then took a shower, etc. and then booked my first private room at 11 pm with Banana Donna*, who I have known for eight years and book regularly. Then I wanted to relax for a good hour. But then she came: Suzana, 25-years-old, from Medias. About 1,58 m tall without shoes, shoulder-long dark-blond hair with blond highlights. She addressed me with the words: ‘I want you!’ After five minutes we went to a private room together and I got everything a man could want for a full hour. That was our first encounter. Sadly, she got off work at 1:30 a.m. telling me: ‘Next time I’ll be available for you for the whole night!’ Our next meeting commenced three weeks later. I’m not allowed to share what happened there exactly**. Just this: It went on for the whole night and was very cheap and it was all initiated by her. We exchanged phone numbers afterwards. I had such a crush on her.

Unfortunately, she became sick and had to return to Romania. We texted and talked on the phone daily. I was seriously crushing on her and she told me: ‘Te iubesc.‘ [‚I love you‘ in Romanian] You are my man.’ Anyway, I started sending money to her in Romania from Germany. Furthermore I would visit the club everyday for two weeks and after promising to return after three broken promises she finally came back to the club on a Tuesday night and we spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, everyday, having amazing sex. On Friday I got kicked out of my own home and went right back to the club. She had the day off and was supposed to meet with her brother, who really was another man, whom she had already been servicing for two years.

Anyway, on Saturday was our last date: Over the course of four hours we had sex twice and I could really see it in her face what she truly wanted from me and that she was disgusted by me. The end of the tale is that she’s no longer allowed to work at the club. I went to see the boss there and wasted thousands of euros on her, but also lost my heart and my family. I hate this woman. I must have told her about 20 times: ‘Be honest and all will be well’. That was the short version of the story. Am not allowed to tell you everything that went down.”

*Name changed

**Probably, because the buyer in question did not adhere to mandated condom use as German law prescribes since July 2017 – actively putting the prostituted woman’s health at risk

***Te isubesc: I love you (Romanian)

Source: Roman Forum. 2018. Accessed 07.08.2018.

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