„Absolute shocker: She says that she’s 16 years old!!!“


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„Mornin‘! Yesterday I went to see Linea* and it was totally off! Came in at 17:20 and both were there! I was offered 20 minutes for X bucks and 30 minutes for X euros  + 10 minutes extra time! That previous offer about 30 minutes extra for free was no longer on the table! I decided on the X euros offer and went to a private room with Linea! She was already naked when I came out the bathroom! She speaks not one word of German!

Off I go onto the mattress and tried kissing her = impossible, she refuses to! Then she begins jerking me off and I ask her to go down on me! So she does = for about 10 seconds before immediately asking: ‚We fuck?‘ I tell her that I want to take my time and would like to go down on her some! = impossible, she refuses! Some stroking of her lower parts = Possible, but no success! She stays dry! So she keeps jerking me off and after two minutes she asks the same question = ‚We fuck?‘ So I say ‚okay‘ and she goes on top of me without a rubber! Immediately she says: Don’t cum [inside me]! The curious thing was that she said it in Polish! Since I speak Polish the language barrier was broken! She said she generally refuses oral on her, kissing is forbidden and she’s not on the pill!

Anyways, she rides me for three minutes, then quick doggy and then I’m asked to cum quickly! So I do and right onto her belly! She complained about all the sperm! ‚That’s enough!‘ Then she says that we’re done and starts getting dressed! I’m just thinking ‚cool‘ and start protesting, because it’s only been 10 minutes up ‚til now! She hesitates and finally agrees with the request – that I cum quickly! She blows me for another 10 second and then gets right on top of me! So she rides me, then missionary and then the finish in doggy style! During that I ‚accidentally‘ spray right into her, which she doesn’t seem to notice! Anyway at this point she’s totally irritated by the whole performance and just wants it to end as quickly as possible!

Afterwards we talked a bit, which she enjoyed: So I ask her her age: Then comes the absolute shocker: She says that she’s 16!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gulp and keep pressuring her! I ask if she does this voluntarily and she answers ’no!‘ and that her sister ‚convinced‘ her to! I believe her and she starts crying! The ’sister‘ must have noticed, because she comes baring in! Not alone though, but with a new guest! I wasn’t even dressed! She tells me that the time is over (it’s barely been 25 minutes though) and that Linea is supposed to get ready, cuz the new guy wants to fuck her! I felt sorry for her! I tell her in Polish that this is totally not okay (for one the 25 minute thing wasn’t okay and also if she’s ever heard of sexual exploitation and protection of minors!). She just looks at me irritated and wordlessly asks me to leave!

Anyway there is something really foul going on there and I can only warn you all about going there! Imagine if the Greens show up there someday and lock you up for abuse of minors or something! Although, I reckon someone should probably inform them about this case! Does anyone work at the home team? Someone there should do something and do so officially! And with officially I don’t mean utilizing his dick!!!“

*Name censored

Source: AO Huren Forum. 23.11.2006. Access date unknown.

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