„Girls in this club do something I very much dislike: Keep checking clocks.“

FKK Oceans, Dusseldorf, 2017

FKK Oceans Düsseldorf 2017

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„[…] Girls… Umm… I’ve been to many FKK or erotic saunas in Germany, to be honest, this club is probably one of the oldest ladies – age average. For real, they need to get some new young girls. When they try to flirt with me… I feel like it’s my aunt or something. Only very few young ones, which is taken by guys very quickly. I find girls in this club does something I very much dislike, keep checking clocks. I pay for the service, but she’s trying to rush me or something? That’s a big no-no. I also got a chance to talk to some of the other guests, more than half of them I talked to also feel unsatisfied with the service in the room. […]“

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 14.07.2018.

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