„I’m loosing my empathy.“

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„I’m loosing my empathy: Hi everyone, so since some users have recently ‚outed‘ themselves (meant ironically), I got something to get off my chest, too. I’ve been visiting sex workers for 16 years now / letting them come to my home. After initial excitement the following years turned it all into a kind of ‚competition‘ for me. I don’t keep a record, but if I count from memory and my memory is pretty good, the list is pretty long. Right now I think I’m at 124 different sex workers, that I’ve booked / visited over the last 16 years (yeah, I know… haven’t written many reviews… that’s just cuz I didn’t know about this forum for the first couple of years… most of them I visited during my first 4 to 5 years of punting experience).

Anyways, now I’ve noticed that for the last three to four years I’ve been entirely unable to build relationships. I do meet enough women. They also fit my type* pretty well.

*The German term used more directly translates a ‚prey scheme‘

Those, whom I wanted to have (as life-period-partners) I did get my hands on. But somehow my interest in them only lasted a couple of weeks. I just lose all interest in them so quickly. Initially the sex is always great, but it quickly becomes boring, regardless of how ‚kinky‘ the life-period-partner is, no matter how young she is… the ladies just start going on my nerves. This saying, which is supposed to be sarcasm/irony: I pay women to leave, not to come to me… that’s become my motto. After the sex is done, no matter whether it’s a one-night-stand, a potential partner or a sex worker… I just want my peace and quiet and can’t seem to get rid of the girls quickly enough.

I just do not give a damn whether they stay or go, whether it’s a partner, one-night-stand or sex worker… I literally fall into a kind of apathy, until I’m all alone again… By now I’ve had this experience multiple times over… First I though that… well, men get a sort of menopause, too… until I finally noticed that I just cannot be bothered with empathy and social intimacy. Have fun, fuck, get my predilections fulfilled, spray my cum… can you please leave? I want to be alone now… And all of this even though the sex is great most of the time. Most of these ladies / sex workers probably are great people / women with strengths and weakness… But I really don’t give a damn…

Can any of you relate? At least those who have been visiting sex workers for years now?? Do you get this sort of dulling during your punting career at some point?

Greetings, [Username censored], who does not want to / will not get therapy . 🙂 “

Source: Ladies Forum. 08.09.2017. Access date unknown.

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