„Man, I really hate it when the little gals insist on a rubber.“

FKK Sakura, Böblingen near Stuttgart, Date unknown

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User 1: „Recently had a date with Valerie* from Romania. With her you could get condomless sex, wasn’t supposed to pump her pussy with cum, cuz of the customers coming after me. Kept my promise, still was awesome.“

User 2: „How did you do that with Valerie, just kinda put it in or negotiated and paid upfront? Haven’t had condomless in a while within the Sakura (lady sadly quit, too bad).“

User 3: „Man, I really hate it when you take your lucky pick with one and then in the room the little gal will not no matter what you offer her let the rubber stay in its package in the bowel on the nightstand! Sorry guys, now a quick question about a different location. Does anyone know what the situation is in the Candy-Haus in Sindelfingen? I’m finding these descriptions on their homepage saying things like ’no taboos hour‘ or ‚oral without‘. But am not 100% sure what to make of it. Especially because reportedly you are required to use a rubber during gangbangs. Does anyone know more?“

*Name changed

In 2010 a 15-year-old Romanian girl was sexually abused and exploited inside the FKK Sakura as well as three other legal brothels in the region.

Source: AO Huren Forum. Date unknown. Accessed 03.08.2018.

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