„Secretly she used her hand to surround my penis. How rude!“

Eros Arena, Reutlingen near Stuttgart, 2007

Eros Arena Reutlingen 2007 MENSCHENHANDEL Hells Angels

Eros Arena Reutlingen 2007 MENSCHENHANDEL Hells Angels

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„Hi, so this is my first review on this forum and it’s already a bitter one. Went to visit the Eros Arena (walk-in brothel), Reutlingen. After a few rounds I decided on Cecilia* who caught my eye (German, blonde). After short negotiations we agree on oral + intercourse for X euros. As soon as the door closed behind us she started listing all the various services I could get for an additional X bucks. The lady practically couldn’t stop listing the various offers. Nothing wrong with that in principle, just that I had already made clear what I was looking for, so this wasn’t at all necessary. So I said ’no, thank you‘ – got undressed and onto the playground we went. Then came a long list of her boundaries – no fingering, nothing involving mouths (not even on her tits), nothing with my bum and no slapping of her behind. Oh well, I thought, then you start doing something! And that’s what she did – without even looking at me and after immediately slapping on a condom – she sucked me off half-heartedly exactly three times and then switched to manual. My little friend wasn’t particularly impressed, but with some concentration I convinced him to finally get it up.

Onto the actual act it went. But Cecilia had another surprise in store for me. I was only allowed to do it from behind, because she didn’t want to touch my hair. No cowgirl and no missionary. At this point I really gotta mention that I really take care of my personal hygiene. I have running water and I make use of this technological accomplishment on the regular. So no reason to be bothered by my hair! 😀 [Asshole] But oh well, can’t always have it all. So I went into position behind her and she proceeded to plug it in. Well, at least she claimed to. Can you believe it that this lady actually tried to lay out a trap here for me. 😡 Secretly she used her hand to surround my little friend. How rude! 😀 [Asshole]

This is when my little colleague totally faltered and I was done to. I packed my things and left this hall of shame. Of course not without her making fun of me as I exited ‚…that was totally not on me!‘ In conclusion – I’m not a brothel-expert and I know you can’t expect a luxury service for X euros, but I’ve never had a service this bad. Especially because last time I got really great service at the Eros Arena. However I noticed that of the 22 rooms there, only ten are currently occupied. Still there were fewer guests than service providers present. 😀 [Asshole] My recommendation – this lady (sadly no pics of Cecilia available at eros-arena.de] must be avoided at all cost!“

*Name changed

In 2010 a 15-year-old Romanian girl was found inside the Eros-House 23 brothel, who had been continuously sexually abused and exploited inside it, as well as three other brothels in the region. The owners of the Eros Arena Reutlingen have been confirmed as affiliates of organized criminal gangs such as the Hells Angels.

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 17.01.2007. Accessed 15.07.2018.


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