Whores exploit men’s ever-lasting hunger


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„[…] What [username censored] writes is – with all due respect – nonsense: ‚Definitely and what I really wanted to express on this thread is that the paysex-gentlemen are a thousand times more honest and put more effort in with the woman – often though – than the sex-crazed normies in the wild‘. Those ‚paysex-gentlemen‘ and those ’normies in the wild‘ are mostly the exact same ‚gentlemen‘! It’s only that with whores it is possible for us ’normies‘ to leave aside all the lies and live what we (most of us, anyway) truly want: Hot, immediate, uncomplicated sex with women, who are (at least somewhat) our type, no strings attached. And those women, who do this for money only, are, well, whores, and it’s they who – in a market-based correct way – satisfy and exploit the ever-lasting hunger of us men. I have made my peace with the fact that this is exactly how it works. And since I can’t change anything about it, I’m at peace with myself. | A man finds true fulfillment solely in meeting his need of sleeping with as many women as possible.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2018. Accessed 09.08.2018.

Lusthaus warum ich zu huren gehe 2018

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