„Don’t like the women from Romania and Bulgaria. They’re just too interchangeable.“

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„So over the course of my punting-career I’ve really fucked myself a proper favorites list together which I stand by. I have collected a number of experiences and insights which give me a heads up when someone’s a ’no-go‘. In other forums I have published such ’no-go‘ lists before and a number of colleagues didn’t really get it. These are my experiences and my conclusions from my experiences.

‚No-Go‘: Romanians, Bulgarians and Hungarians. Although there was this one Hungarian, who sadly is no longer in business, with whom I had amazing dates. But mostly I just don’t like the type of women from Romania and Bulgaria. Personally I think they’re just too uniform, interchangeable. Although ’no-go‘ tends to mean that I would look at alternatives first [before picking amongst these].

Favorites: First place is taken by girls from Turkey, then I really like France (not many of those around sadly), Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, all the Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia. I love girls from the Far-East and often find myself lusting after an African kitten. I won’t say no to South-American women, but they’re not explicitly among my favorites. Girls from our country can’t miss of course – absolutely, especially in the last couple of years where rip-offs have mostly disappeared from the market, I like to visit a service provider made in Germany now and then.“ 🙂

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 25.10.2014. Accessed 15.05.2018.



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