„She hardly speaks any German, but was able to name me her prices.“

Vulkanhaus/Eros Center, Duisburg, 2015

vulkanhaus duisburg 2015

vulkanhaus duisburg 2015

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„Tip! Rough fucking with submissive Jasmina* at the Vulkanhaus in Duisburg. [Floor and room number censored]. Jasmina (? not entirely sure what her name was), about 180 cm in height, black hair, wore a black dress and glasses, hair in a tight ponytail. The usual suspects I got as optic-fucks weren’t there so I was walking round the Vulkanhaus. That’s when I discovered Jasmina. She hardly speaks any German, but was able to name me her prices ’30 euros for a blowjob and fucking is 40 euros anal included‘. I asked about fingering her pussy and anus and she said that’d be doable. She looked good and well kempt, so I said yes and went in.

My gut feeling told me I could do even more so I asked for hard deepthroat. She said yes. So we got started. Got undressed and onto the bed. She did the same. That moment came with a bit of a disappointment. Pushup-bras really work wonders. When she got out of her clothes her previously perky tits started drooping somewhat. She must have lost a lot of weight at some point. You could see that a few spots on her body. The tights really sagged. So not really a candidate for optic-fucking after all.

I actually wanted to tell her to but on a rubber, but then she already had my dick in her mouth. It got hard fast and then we really got started. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head even deeper down. My dick hit her throat. Again and again. Spotless mouthfucking with choking and spitting. Next I fingered her pussy and ass nicely. The put her down on her back. Her head slightly went off the bed and we continued the mouth fucking. I put my whole dick deep inside her throat. I put my nuts right in front her face. She sucked on them extensively. Then I held my ass in front of her face. She sucked that immediately too. Really put her tongue deep into the hole.

When I almost couldn’t hold myself back any longer we took a quick break. Laid Jasmina (?)  down and went for doggy, this time with a rubber on. Put some lube on her anus and then pushed my dick real deep into her ass. What followed was wild fucking into her pussy, then ass and then mouth. Pussy, ass and mouth. At the end I pulled the condom off. Sat on top of her and sprayed my cum all over her face and mouth. So fucking hot. All in all a very active though visually imperfect lady, but very friendly and top submissive service. Will definitely do it again. Really worth it.“

*Name changed

In 2018 the owners of the Vulkanhaus were arrested for human trafficking. Their victims were at least 17 women and underage girls from Nigeria. In 2017 a prostituted woman was threatened with a gun by a long-term „client“ inside the brothel.

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2015. Accessed 10.08.2018.

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