„She tried to ease my thrusts by pushing against my legs, but I didn’t give her the chance.“

Escort, Frankfurt, 2009

aber ich wollte ja eh nur ficken Main

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„Hi everyone! Curious and horny as I am, I couldn’t help, but calling [pimp name censored] to ask for Zoe*. In fact at the time of my call at 8 p.m. it was supposed to only take her 30 minutes to get to my place! Wow, then sure and Zoe got booked. In fact the door bell rings after only 25 minutes and Zoe stands outside my door. Photos 100% real. In my opinion she’s even prettier IRL. She doesn’t speak a word of German, but I all I wanted to do was fuck anyway.

So I put out X euros, got undressed, lay down on the bed and asked Zoe to lie down on her back, so that I can start putting my seed in in missionary position. I took her legs and put them over my shoulders, then pushed her legs down as far as possible, so that I could get a great view of where the sperm spreading action would take place. Several times she tried to ease my thrusts by pushing her hands against my upper legs, but I didn’t give her the chance, because when I’m thrusting there are no compromises and I will mercilessly and strongly push my way through till the little thing is chuck full of sperm. Didn’t try anal, but maybe I’ll do that next time.

Result: Pretty as a picture, very young, 19-years-old, beautiful big firm breasts about 85 c, slim figure, size 36, beautiful face with incredibly inviting eyes, vagina shaven and tight, moistened by lube, let’s you fuck her all the way to cum pumping point, but will try to prevent heavy thrusting. Maybe it’s cause of my penis size or maybe because I’m quite the merciless thruster, dunno. All in all the likelihood of me booking her again is 95%. Now then, have fun.“

*Name changed

Source: AO Huren Forum. 19.03.2009. Access date unknown.

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