Gotta warn about those rip-off-cunts


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[Why do you visit sex workers?] Satisfaction of urges? Something else?

Satisfaction of urges: But of course! And I’m glad I have this option.

What do you as a customer expect from a sex worker and what do you not expect?

If the lady manages to sell me an illusion, which makes me forget that I’m single for just 30 minutes, then she wins the day…

Why are you active on a john forum?

Exchange of experiences, networking.

Why do you write reviews about your bookings?

  1. If the lady has offered a top service, she deserves some free advertisement.
  2. It’s giving and taking: I’m looking for tips and give them, too.
  3. When I come across a rip-off-cunt, though, a warning is in order.

What is your view on sex workers?

Relating to workers in clubs: Respect. Hard job, extremely hard. Although they financially compensated accordingly. There are, however, a number of women in this trade, who make a sport out of exploiting punters left and right. The ‚darling‘-faction. I have absolutely no respect for that kind of lady and avoid them when I can.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. Date unknown. Access date unknown.

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