Never sure if they’re trafficked


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„The skin isn’t my only criteria, but thanks to solariums the skin of European women, too, can get nicer, than that of Asians and Latinas who don’t artificially tan due to their natural complexion. And with Asians, Latinas and other Eastern Europeans e.g. Romanians I often get the impression that they’re plain… lacking money for things like hair, nails, tattoos, clothes. So I would kind of get these moral qualms there: With Germans and Swiss I know that they certainly don’t do it because the sex is any fun, but at least they do this job when done in a private apartment out of their own volition, could be for money or some other reason. With women from foreign countries you can never be sure under what kind of duress they are and if maybe they’re even trafficked. Of course nationality isn’t the only indicator there. With apartment brothel women who are tough enough to start their own private business with some colleagues or a reputable studio I’d probably have no problem with foreign nationalities.“

Source: Tabulos Forum. 23.08.2009. Accessed 15.05.2018.

another john knows fuck all about trafficking

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