„If you’re really loaded you can hack into her, but don’t expect anything more.“

Apartment brothel, Landshut near Regensburg/München, 2016

Landshut Bayern 2016 18 jährige

indexZz Deutsch

„I went to see Nathalie* for X euros for 15 minutes. Photos seem to match up, pretty teen girl, can’t be much older than 20. I quickly washed myself and then went onto the bed. She started out with such a rough blowjob that I was afraid she’d suck the living daylights out of me. But after a few moment she suggested ‚let’s fuck?‘. After only a few moments of cowgirl she get’s a cramp, so I suggest we change position again. This is where she points out that there’s not much time left. At this point we’ve seriously only been having sex for 4 minutes! We keep going in missionary and she keeps saying: ‚Come on, only 2 minutes left, cum already.‘ After about 5 minutes I decide to call the whole thing off. If you milk a cow that way, there ain’t gonna be no milk. Nathalie looks quite nice. But she’s got no sense of tenderness or time! If you’re really loaded you can hack into her for three minutes, but don’t expect anything more. Should mention that she was exceptionally tight!“

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2016. Accessed 10.08.2018.

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