„Pushed hard and proceeded to fuck her alternating between the holes.“

Escort, Brandenburg, 2016

AO Huren Brandenburg 2016

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„So, guys who are into condomless sex: I met her. You can do anything with her! Agreed to meet via SMS and got her to come to my hotel. She brought all kinds of utensils, such as dildos, nipple-clips and whips. As she entered I pulled up her dress and began jerking her prune so that she sprayed her juices everywhere. Afterwards I laid her upper body onto the sofa and spanked her ass. Her whimpering and moaning was so intense, that she stuffed the corner of a pillow into her own mouth. Afterwards I dry-shoved my dick into her ass and pushed hard and then proceeded to fuck her alternating between the holes. Conclusion: Deepthroat – real throat fucking, slapping, ass spanking, nipples very durable! Three-hole condomless anything goes!!! No carefullness necessary! X euros for 60 minutes. Have fun, colleagues.“

Source: AO Huren Forum. 27.03.2016. Accessed 01.08.2018.

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