Foreign women over German feminazis

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„German women are a curse!!! …And I’ve been feeling this way for a while, but it just keeps getting worse! And somehow I’m thinking that I’m not the only one who is of this opinion! When Sena* was still active in Nürnberg she and I got into a conversation about this topic! Back then I already had a hard time remembering the last time that I fucked a German woman! I told Sena that I just don’t want anything to do with German women anymore to which she said that I wasn’t the only one to share this with her – there were several guys who had told her the same!! Might have something to do with my personal situation (and no, this is not my throwing a pity party for myself), but I feel that foreign women treat me considerably better than German women do! It starts with the small things – with a simple smile that signals to a man that he is properly respected! Your average German feminazi will consider that a sign of sexism! And a lot of German men are so degenerate that they will join in that choir!!

Even though when it comes to looks you’ll find the usual percentage of good-looking gals in Germany as elsewhere in Eastern Europe, these women are such arrogant, self-centered bimbos, that the question of whether it’s worth putting in the effort to win them over must clearly be answered with a ’no‘! Of course, now the question arises: Is this one of my usual tantrums??? Is this a mere consequence of my situation??? No!!! Because I have heard the very same from many other men!!! Meaning men in my situation as well as pickup artists!!! But mostly this is something whispered behind closed doors with a plea to not rat one out!!! This is how far ‚political correctness‘ has limited our freedom of opinion, that one/men today hesitate to speak truths like these out loud!!! I’m sorry, but: 99,99% of German women are absolute trash!!!“

*name changed

Source: Tabulos Forum, 03.05.2008. Access date unknown.

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