„I grabbed her, she wanted to turn away, but I pushed her down onto the bed.“

Apartment brothel, Augsburg, 2018

vergewaltigung augsburg2

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„I visited this supposedly Japanese kitten, who probably was a Chinagirl (photos don’t match reality at all)! To stay safe I decided to book the quickie discount option. She is small, not slim as I expected her to be from the photos, but has a natural bosom with nice nipples and isn’t shaven, but the bush is small! Now down to business: I was asked to join her on the bed and she began to put a rubber on my flaccid little friend. ‚That might take a while‘ I thought and began playing with her breasts and nipples. After putting the rubber on Sumiko* blew me with zero enthusiasm, but still got my little friend to wake up and soon she wanted to fuck, so I put it in the hole missionary style and starting fucking away nicely. Her sounds of lust weren’t particularly proactive for my orgasm though.

So I tried for doggy, a position she didn’t want, still put it in the hole and began thrusting carefully, then picked up speed as I kept on fucking, she howled like a bitch in heat. My orgasm still refused to come, so I pulled her legs away, grabbed her bosom and fucked her wildly. She wanted to turn away, but I pushed her down on the bed. She howled even more, but then it was done. I fired my shot. I thought maybe the rubber had come off, but all was alright, the rubber had stayed on, the sperm was in! Next she cleaned my little friend, someone explain women to me. Then she cleaned her pussy with some wet towels and got dressed again. She made herself up in front of the mirror and all was right with the world again. Earlier I thought she might die on my during the fucking! Got dressed and goodbye.“

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2018. Accessed 10.08.2018.

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