„She is submissive, probably on drugs and just let’s you use her.“

Escort, Frankfurt, 2009

zwei freier freunde

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„…okay, she arrived. Was half an hour early and my colleague with the money hadn’t arrived yet. Spoke not a word of German. I called the hotline. She waited for another 30 minutes inside the car. Then my colleague arrived, the money in hand. Handed over the X euros. Truly a beautiful woman. Never seen such beautiful breasts. Really hot. Condomless was no problem at all. She also said that we were her 13th and 14th customers of the day. :/ Of the X euro she gets to keep [28% of the original price]. The rest goes to her boss. We took her sandwich-wise. My colleague fucked her really hard in the ass and I right into her snatch. French kissing was pretty intense, too.

But as some of you have reported already: She’s only present physically and she must also have taken some substance. Kept trying to hit us with her whip. Was pretty funny. Spraying cum into her was no problem. Was a pretty hot number all in all. Just have to get that STI test in three months. Wish us well. Conclusion: Condomless, french kissing, anal… no problems whatsoever. And for Frankfurt pricing X euros per person is pretty cheap. Certainly no girlfriend-sex though. She is submissive and probably on drugs and just let’s you use her. Looks and tastes great. Would do it again anytime!“

Source: Tabulos Forum. 20.03.2009. Access date unknown.

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