Fear makes Eastern-European women complacant


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„[…] In e.g. Bulgaria it is totally normal for women to be raped from age 12 onwards. The huge waves of migration by youth from the country side to the big cities and touristic centers also leads to wide-spread exploitation of these women. There is no such thing as condom use there. Most of the women fall into the hands of human traffickers (usually organised groups of gypsies) and are trafficked all over Europe from the city of Plovdiv. Many women are handed over to turkish gangs at the age of 12 to 13 and their journey of pain takes them to many places in the Near and Middle East and later to us. An 18-year-old Bulgarian often enough has been in the trade for 6 years already.

These Bulgarian/Russian pimp give the women antibiotics, which they are supposed to take daily – in the belief that they will protect them from all kinds of illnesses and infections – including HIV. That’s a lie the pimps sell to the women. You have to consider the level of education of the women, too, because many have never seen the inside of a school. Explaining to them how a body getting used to antibiotics create immunity, explaining that concept to them is near impossible. The situation in the Czech Republic is not quite as dire as in Bulgaria, but it is along the same lines.

Under our observation – but without our knowledge – the opening of the Eastern Block has meant the creation of a new slave trade – only comparable to the slave trade of the Americas. Many of the women are locked up like cattle for years, sold, traded, raped, systemically beaten and broken. When we sometimes are so delighted by the affectionate sexual warmth of Eastern Women which they show to us clients, we don’t see that behind that lies an unbelievable fear of violent reprisals.

The women are taught that the brothel owners, the housekeepers, the police are all in bed with the pimps. Because that’s the situation the women are familiar with from their home countries, they assume things are the same in Europe. This fear makes them so complacent. […]“

Source: AO Huren Forum. Date unknown. Access date unknown.

freier wissen genau über menschenhandel bescheid

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