„Shaven worn-out cunt-hole seems to have been used a lot.“

fotzeloch tabulos

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„[…] At some point I really longed for some tongue acrobatics, so I  stopped the bunny and got to work from top to bottom. The super clean and perfectly shaven cunthole was a joy for my spoiled tongue. It was quite wide though. The tattoo placed right over a c-section scar silently told me the reason for that. The asshole had been freshly cleaned out and was free of shit streaks. It passed the tounge test! On to the fucking!!!

I chose missionary as ’starting position‘. She was lying perfectly for that: Swoop, right into that slit, shit, that’s a broad prune! Quickly pumped my dick with some more blood to create some friction at least. Kept slamming the piggie, she moaned a bit, pushed back nicely, wanting me to take her real hard. After some time I laid down and Bella* climbed on top to ride my cock. Kept kneading her big tits nicely.

On it went to doggy. Put it in and tupped hard. Then decided to exit that worn-out hole and penetrated the anus. Another organ that seemed to have been used a lot. Bella clenched her anus tight, so that at last I could get some anal joy there. I tried to fuck her as long as possible in that position, but finally my load had to cum out. Quickly turned the little slut around. Opened her mouth, my load unloaded like manure. Jerked neatly till the end… Unfortunately she spit out the snot into a tissue. Quickly endured a massage, which really fucking sucked. Then had her clean my crown jewels and said goodbye with a kiss. Conclusion: Have had worse fucking sessions. Had better, too. Was okay for now. Of course all oral/anal/intercourse took place without a rubber.“

*Name changed

Source: Tabulos Forum. Date unknown. Access date unknown.

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