She’s in pain or ticklish

Apartment brothel, location unknown, 2012


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„Earlier this week I went to the [address censored] street. The apartments are all new and nice and furnished for the purpose at hand. I visited Malvina* from Eastern Europe (Rumania). Haven’t been ripped off this badly in a long time and never burned money like this before, which is a guarantee if you see Malvina. Maybe my standards are too high though? The pricing for Malvina’s service was higher than usual. If you add the money paid for extras, she was really pushing a high price. This isn’t wrong in of itself, as long as you get the service promised and it’s good or maybe even special. But even if you pay the higher price you don’t even get a drink to start the night off. After you clean yourself up you get an unused mid-sized towel, but neither the bed nor the sheets get changed or covered by a large towel, so that you’re lying on sheets that have been used over and over.

Now on the bed Malvina tells me that her back hurts and her vagina itches. Am not allowed to french kiss her, cuz that, too, no matter the time period booked, cost 20 bucks extra. Going down on her is a no-go, too: She doesn’t want that. So she goes down on me. Slaps a condom onto my flaccid thing and takes it into her mouth. That’s followed by really monotonous movements, which are apparently supposed to lighten the mood. Oral doesn’t accomplish much, so I tell her I want missionary. That’s a bit of a problem she tells me, because of her back. Very carefully we work it out though. During the whole time she keeps her hand in front of her vagina and well, her clitoris, too, and doesn’t remove it, even after I ask her to. So I didn’t get to see her clitoris during the whole entire visit and wasn’t allowed to touch it either. Fingering of course was out-of-bounds, too.

She does cowgirl, but as soon as that happens, she gives me the first notice about the time running out. ‚Well‘, I think to myself, ‚it’s only been about 20 minutes‘. The mood keeps getting worse. She directs the action for a while, because if she’s not in pain, she’s ticklish. Now she wants to do a handjob on me, since nothing else remotely worked out. Even pulls the condom off for that. Sadly her handjob is just as montenous as her blowjob. Of course I could just jerk myself off and then ejaculate on her. Of course, that’s not allowed either.

Worriedly she keeps asking, if I’m gonna orgasm soon. Well, eventually I managed to somehow shoot my load, but I had to close my eyes and think of a different situation at a different places and especially of a different girl. She gave me something to wipe myself and then disappeared into the bathroom. 2 to 3 minute she let me relax in the bed until she came back. She then immediately send me to wash myself and declared that our time was up. Don’t want to go into any further detail, to not make this post too long. But seriously haven’t ever experienced such a terrible rip-off.“

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2012. Accessed 11.08.2018.

lusthaus 2012

lusthaus 2012

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